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You need water not just to stay alive, but healthy. But the issue is most of us don’t drink water until we are thirsty and that’s where the problem lies.

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Here’s a fact – up to 60 per cent of the human adult body is water. A medical journal reveals that the brain and heart are composed of 73 per cent water, the skin 64 per cent water, the lungs 83 per cent water, the bones are 31per cent water, and even the muscles and kidneys are 79 per cent.

Despite how important it is to stay hydrated, some of us generate excuses for not drinking enough water, from busy schedules; to consuming other liquid contents such as coffee, juice, cocktails, all because of the thought that drinking more water will lead to spending half the day in a bathroom.

It is totally understandable but a healthy thing has to be done. So, here are creative ways to beat out the fear of drinking plenty of water.

For every cup of coffee, drink one glass of water:

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While coffee tastes like heavily flavoured water, it is not as hydrating or thirst-quenching as water. If you’re already in the habit of drinking a few cups of coffee each day, following them up with a glass of water can easily improve your hydration status. The secret here is that water will fill you up quickly, so you drink less coffee.

Bookend each day with water:

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If your day looks hectic to the extent that stopping to drink water barely crosses your mind, try bookending each day with some refreshing water to take the pressure off. It’s pretty easy-drinking a few cups in the morning and a few more once you’re off the clock guarantees that your body is getting an increased amount of water. This brings you one step closer to reaching your ultimate hydration goals.

Throw some ice to your drinks and smoothies:

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This is an easy way to sneak in some hydration. When you pop about four ice cubes into your glass, it adds roughly half a cup of water to your drink. Don’t worry about it changing the taste of the drink.

Drink a full glass of water with every medication or supplement:

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Set a goal to wash your medication or supplements down with a full glass of water. Remember that some meds are supposed to be taken a few hours apart for maximum efficacy. Adhering to this will likely increase your water intake quite a bit.

Drink from a straw:

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You’re more likely to swallow more at a time when you drink from a straw compared to when you sip directly from the bottle because drinking water from a straw makes it more accessible. You’ll be more likely to sip on your water during a meeting if you have a straw, saving you the problem of having to reopen your bottle every time.

Refill as soon as it is empty:

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It will always be a wise decision to get up and refill your water bottle as soon as you empty it. This will ensure that you have water available when it’s time for your next sip. It also eliminates any excuses you might make to not drink up later.

Use an app to help track water intake:

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Thanks to tech you strengthen your water intake by sending reminders to your phone and providing a visual representation of how much you’ve had to drink so far. Apps like this are available on IOS, Android or Windows stores. Just search for “drink water app”, and you’ll see lots of apps to pick from. Choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Keep tabs on your bathroom habits:

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To avoid being under pressure in the wrong place and at the wrong time, observe how long it takes before you have to use the bathroom especially; after you drink water or other fluids. When you’re on a long commute or in a place where there are no adequate conveniences for you to take a pee, you can take sips then make up for it when you get to a familiar territory. Understanding this will help you conquer the fear of drinking plenty of water.

Drinking water isn’t just about quenching your thirst. It’s a healthy habit that can help avoid illnesses and stop mouth odour among others.

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