The Warrior Series: A Chat with Annah Arrah….

An interesting quote says “your sickness does not define you. Your strength and courage does.

This sums up the experience of one of the people IBIENE considers as warrior. She is Annah Arrah, a Cameroonian Corporate Lawyer who has been through hell and back not defeated but victorious. The doctor’s announcement of her diagnosis changed her world but for the warrior that she is, she fought her way through it all.

IBIENE had an exclusive chat with Anna who is forever grateful and full of life. Her story might make you cry but will definitely fill you with the courage to stand up, fight back and have the last laugh.

Click on this link below to watch the unabridged version or copy and paste it on your browser.

Courtesy: IBIENE

If you have any family, friend or colleague who is battling with a life-threatening illness, do share this video with them. Everyone needs a story that can change their world.

The Warrior Series is IBIENE’s way of celebrating people who have despite difficult situations, turned their lives around. It is a platform that affords them the opportunity to tell their stories.

Do you know a warrior? Do share their story with us in the comment section.

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