The Benefits of Fasting….

Are you one of those people who suddenly become hungry whenever they hear “fasting”? You have this phobia for going for longer hours without food for reasons even you don’t understand. Well, here’s an opportunity to help you rethink.

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Fasting is good for you.

This piece is in recognition of our Muslim brothers and sisters in the IBIENE community who have been carrying out their religious obligations.

Asides the religious obligation, fasting has countless health benefits. From improved weight management and healthier blood cell regeneration through to better heart function and vascular wellbeing, fasting has become quite the go-to method of keeping young, fit and healthy. All you need, is to do it right.

To find out five from the numerous benefits (backed with science) that fasting brings, keep scrolling;

Fasting helps with Detoxifying:

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Abstaining from solids and surviving on liquids for a few days is a great way to cleanse the human body and detoxify. Detoxification improves the function of organs while promoting a cleansed digestive system. It improves blood circulation and gets rid of any harmful toxins in the body.

Fasting promotes Blood Sugar control:

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Several studies have found that fasting may improve blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance.  

This is fantastic news for those at risk of diabetes as one study shows that in 10 people with type 2 diabetes participated in short-term intermittent fasting significantly decreased blood sugar levels. Decreasing insulin resistance can increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin, allowing it to transport glucose from your bloodstream to your cells more efficiently.

This study also shows that the effect differs between women and men.

Fasting aids faster Metabolism:

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One of the more obvious results of fasting is reducing the chances of obesity as the body prompts the liver’s enzymes to break down cholesterol and fats to convert them into bile acid, which, in turn, converts to heat – ultimately stimulating faster metabolism. Naturally, fasting also decreases the appetite which reduces the hunger hormone levels in the body. You might just find your portion sizes being significantly smaller following a period of fasting.

Fasting may boost Brain Function, prevent Neurodegenerative Disorders:

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Though most scientific research is mostly limited to animal research, several studies have found that fasting could have a powerful effect on brain health, help relieve inflammation, and aid in preventing neurodegenerative disorders.

One study in mice showed that practicing intermittent fasting for 11 months improved both brain function and brain structure and increase the generation of nerve cells to help enhance cognitive function.

Fasting aids healthy Blood Pressure:

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When you go without food and drink intake for longer hours, it decreases the body’s salt intake and increases loss of salt through urine which results in lowering the body’s blood pressure.

So, go ahead give your body the benefits that come with fasting and when you carry out fasting as a religious exercise, see and preach about the health benefits as well.

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