Seven celebrity make-up hacks….

This is a rare sneak peek into the cheatsheet of the world’s most-trusted makeup maestros.

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As the old adage goes; “practice is the best teacher” when it comes to makeup learning, it is natural to turn to people who do it on a daily basis – celebrity makeup artists. These are the ones whose mastery over their craft can be credited to the countless hours they have spent perfecting their techniques on the most-watched faces of showbiz in their makeup chairs.

IBIENE curates the best secrets they’ve used after all their years on the job.

Don’t skip moisturisation for oily skin:

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Daniel Bauer, a celebrity favourite says; “If you think oily skin gives you a free pass when it comes to moisturising, you’re wrong.”. As the man behind some of the most iconic celebrity looks of the past few years, he knows a thing about working with diverse skin types. For ensuring that makeup sits in place on oily skin through long hours of interviews and red-carpet ceremonies, the trick he says is to “simply reverse the order of the setting spray in your line-up.” “I find that for oilier skin, applying a setting spray before the base helps the foundation sit in place much longer. This also hydrates your face and removes any excess oils,” he reveals.

Think cream before concealer:

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Those with Melanin-rich skin are known to be more prone to dark circles and pigmentation, but makeup mogul Namrata Soni advises that before you delve into textures and coverage, she would like you to pay attention to your eye cream. “The most important thing to do before using any concealer on your face is to make sure your skin is prepped correctly. Use a good eye cream that will allow your concealer to stay in place without creasing,” she quipps. Adding some more, she says “Once you have applied both, seal in the concealer with loose translucent powder. Use a puff to apply the powder. Not a brush! When you use a brush, it doesn’t set the creamy consistency of the concealer correctly. That’s why you need to press it in very gently with a powder puff.”

When shopping for foundations, look twice:

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If you’ve ever picked the perfect foundation shade in a store but it looked all wrong when you got back home, you’re not alone. Celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar makes us understand that fluorescent lighting can often deceive the eyes when testing foundation shades at the store counter, which is why she devised her own process.  She says “When picking a foundation, it is ideal to step out and click a few pictures in natural daylight as well as other lighting conditions before you finalise your shade. This will offer you complete assurance that the shade you’ve finally picked will work for you under any kind of lighting.”

Sheer makeup doesn’t mean no makeup at all:

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Attempting a no-makeup makeup look is a delicate art that can take years to perfect. Celebrity makeup artist Mitali Vakil shares that keeping things light is key. Having worked her brushes on the faces of screen goddesses, she has developed a few hacks of her own over the years. Her best-kept secret is adding a touch of Vaseline to the base for a sheer, natural finish. It gives her the power to blend in the makeup till it disappears into the skin.

Fuller lashes hack:

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A celebrity TikToker @yannalinnaa revealed that applying a thick strip of black liner on your upper lash line will instantly make your lashes look fuller and longer. The hack works to offer the illusion that your lashes begin further down by concealing the upper lash line altogether. Makeup artist to the stars Jillian Dempsey reportedly uses this technique on Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke.

For fuller lips, go pink:

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If you’re looking for a visibly fuller pout but don’t have the time for lip-plumping tools, Soni recommends playing with the saturation of pinks and reds in your lipstick kit instead. She says “Apply a lip pencil all over your lips in a pinkish or reddish tone. Then, use a slightly darker lipstick just in the centre, below the cupid’s bow, and blend it outwards with your fingertips, making sure the darker part of your lips remains in the centre. This gives an illusion of darker and fuller lips.”

Contour placement is everything:

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Who says you can’t have cheekbones like Kareena Kapoor Khan, with a makeup artist’s contour strategy, you’re good to go. Kareena’s go-to makeup artist Pompy Hans believes that the key lies in the placement of the contour. He says “It’s absolutely essential that you apply your contour cream or powder right below your cheekbone and on your jawline. Pull your cheeks in and apply the product in a line right below your cheekbones, where the hollow is, and on your jawbone that separates your face from your neck. Blend in the dark contour hue and dab highlighter on your cheekbones for a sharp look.”

Looking good has been made even easier.

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