How To Optimize Yoga with Technology

Yoga has  become so popular lately, that people are now seeing the numerous benefits of consistent practice, ranging from managing arthritis, lowering blood pressure, flexibility, building physical and mental strength, core strength etc.

Living in a fast pace life, one can easily be overwhelmed with how busy we become and how time flies.

While at the beginning of the year we all made a resolution to keep fit and stay healthy: but alas, this is the second half of the year, how far have you gone on that resolution?


No matter how busy we have become; we shouldn’t neglect our health and well being because we have no time or we are too busy to give our health the attention that it requires.

Although going to a studio could be time consuming and hiring a personal coach may be a little out of the budget, most people are turning to new ways of  getting guidance and adjustment from an tech

Staying fit and living a healthy life style is no longer rocket science, with recent developments in technology, there are thousands of apps and gadgets available to optimize your yoga practice, from the comfort of your living room, workplace and also while “driving”.

If you say you are fit and you don’t need flexibility, then you are not fit, “because physical fitness is useless if you don’t have the flexibility to use it”.

However, if you are new to yoga, I will recommend DAILY YOGA and PLANK app for you to start with. These apps are basically free, they can be customized to whichever to your specific area of need ; and they will help with the foundation to being flexible with balance and strong stamina.

yogaRegularity is the key to loosened muscles!

It is better to practice a little and often than to practice for long durations irregularly. An easy way is to starting  once a week, but three sessions of 15 minutes a week if you are the busy type; and one hour if you have the luxury of time. The latter will bring more easily noticeable changes to your body. Start with beginner’s posture, that are appropriate for your ability, preparatory exercises are listed in these apps for each posture. Read instructions and watch any of the practice you intend to personalise.

Don’t load your device with all sorts of fitness app, because the chances are that you may never even open them, and even when you do, you may not use them. So, start with at least two apps at a time. And delete any other app(s) you have not used for the last two weeks.

This way, you will be able to focus on what you really want to achieve.


Practice doesn’t always make “perfect,” but it certainly does make you feel better at whatever you are practicing. It is worthy of note to mention here that, just as with other areas of your life, if you don’t practice something, you are less likely to get better at it. The wonderful thing about yoga is that you get better and better at it as you get older.  As you practice you will improve physically and mentally for years. Finding your edge in a pose and waiting patiently to find your next edge will expand your limits. From there, your strength, flexibility, confidence, and focus will grow.


Post by Gloria Oamen- Alexis Yoga and Beyond

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