Ladies: How To Care For Your Eyelashes….

Incase your eyelashes have been lacking your attention, it’s time to take a new leaf.

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Someone once brilliantly said “ If the eyes are the windows to our souls, then we definitely want to make sure we’re taking care of the curtains (aka our eyelashes).”

Wouldn’t it be really nice to have long, healthy eyelashes without having to rely on mascara or lash extensions? Unfortunately, not many are genetically gifted with such. However, the right care of your lashes, about which many women often forget, is able to pay you back with your dream glance. Here are some useful tips from Ibiene that will help you provide the appropriate care for your lashes.

Always clean off your make-up before going to bed:

Please never go to bed with your make-up on! It is the number-one rule in taking care of your lashes and skin in general. This has probably happened to every woman who come home after a long day very tired, and go to bed without even cleaning the face. Starting from this day, keep in mind that your face, including your lashes, needs some “rest” at night as well as you do.

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Use specific make-up removal products for the eyes:
To take the make-up off from your eye area, it is highly recommended to use special products designed specifically for the eye area. A general make-up cleanser might not be able to fully remove the mascara. Also, be very careful, when taking off the make up that you do not rub your eye excessively especially when you try to put off your mascara. This usually results in lash loss.

Select the skin friendly cosmetics:
Not every mascara is for you. While buying a mascara, always read the ingredients it contains. Try to avoid the ones that contains ethel alcohol as it excessively dries lashes, thus leading to lash breakage. Always go for paraben and phthalates free products.

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Oil them up:
If you still think oil was only restricted to your hair and body, it’s time to re-think. Apply a few drops of lanolin oil to your eye lashes. This all-natural treatment will work through the day to moisturise your lashes without getting them greasy and in time, make them fuller.

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Take a break:
As much as you enjoy applying that swipe of mascara, take a day off from makeup to give your follicles some time to breathe. Avoid regular use of false lashes and eyelash extensions and use them only when necessary as application abuse can lead to hair fall. If you have an itch in your eye, resist scratching and tugging at your eyes and instead, apply eye drops.

Final words, be careful what you apply and how you apply it on your eye lids. It’s the closest thing to your eyes.

Alright! Who’s ready for longer fuller lashes?

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