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Rosaline Ogala Ogbechi

Many of us have put on weight during the covid-19 lockdown majorly because these were stressful times and our fridges were close to us. If you were already affected by excess weight and ended up with a few extra kilos after the lockdown don’t wallow in worry because same way you added on those few extra calories, you can shed them too.

Ibiene had a conversation with Rosaline Ogala Ogbechie. Her online footprints says it all -fitness and healthy lifestyle. In this interview, she talks about her journey to weight loss, gives us clarity of “fat loss” and “weight loss” and how kids can learn to make healthy choices so they become healthy adults.
First, she tells us a bit about herself.

Rosaline working out

I am an ACCA Qualified accountant and work a full-time Job as a Finance & Project Manager. I am a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and a health & fitness coach, working with women, men and children all over the world to transform them to live healthier lifestyles. I am the owner and founder of the first and only indoor heated swim school in Nigeria built to teach children and adults of all ages to swim, in order to reduce the rate of drowning and produce Olympic swimming champions. Last but definitely most importantly, I’m a mum to the most well-behaved son-12, and daughter-10, and wife to a loving and supportive soulmate.

Ibiene: Accounting and project management to being a certified coach. Please tell us about this journey.

Rosaline: I am a Chartered Accountant and I do like my profession but I’ve always wanted something more, something more personal, a hobby I could be passionate about.

Ibiene: How did your journey into health and wellness advocacy begin?

Rosaline: When I moved from Scotland to Texas I added on a bit of weight and so I started looking for a program to meet my fitness goals and at the same time still suit my lifestyle. I Found a program that was online which involved being in a team with a tribe of like- minded people and so i joined, got my family and a few friends to join me. I kept encouraging them, sharing healthy meals and recipes and so my passion for coaching was born. I became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist and started researching healthy meals so I could help others get fit and healthy as well.

Rosaline: One of your instagram posts says “Think fat loss! Not weight loss.” Please help us understand better.

Rosaline: “Weight loss” and “fat loss” are entirely different things.”When we think about losing weight, we often focus on the number on the scale. This is an inaccurate measurement. The reason for this is because the number on the scale (weight) fluctuates ALL the time. Daily, hourly and even by the minute. This means that if you’re only monitoring your ‘weight’, you’re likely not seeing the full picture.

Fat loss progress is far more easier to measure than weight loss progress, with a far more steady development as opposed to a constantly fluctuating one. “our body fat percentage or lean mass does not fluctuate in the instance where we drink a glass of water, or eat a big meal and then step on the scale — only our bodyweight does this.” If you Weigh yourself at the beginning of the day and then again at the end of the day, there can be several pounds in difference. But this doesn’t mean you’ve actively put on all that weight in fat throughout the day. It’s water weight which causes your body weight to fluctuate so intermittently. In summary, do not just go by the number on the scale, which can often leave you feeling discouraged. It is recommended to monitor your body fat progress and other factors such as; measurement, progress pictures, how you look and feel, how your clothes fit, performance and energy levels, and confidence. Changes are both physical and mental.

Rosaline working out

Ibiene: Slim tea vs exercise. Which would you recommend for anyone who wants to burn out some fats?

Rosaline: I always recommend natural ways to burn fat over taking pills and substances. I recommend exercise over slim tea because exercising makes you build muscle which in turn burns fat. The body does all the work by itself. Exercising is also good for the body and keeps you active, gives you energy, makes you feel good and leaves you toned and trim. Slim tea on the otherhand has been found to cause health problems because of the amount of caffeine and other laxatives in it.

Rosaline with a bowl of vegetable

Ibiene: Talk to us about the role of diet in losing and then maintaining a healthy weight.

Rosaline: I would rather use the term eating healthy than dieting because we shouldn’t deprive ourselves when we are on a weight loss journey. We should eat consistently and choose healthy options. Loosing weight is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. As the saying goes ‘You can’t outrun a bad diet’.

Ibiene: Do slim people need work out too? If yes, which would you recommend?

Rosaline: Yes slim people also need to workout. Exercising is not only about losing weight but more importantly to keep fit and healthy and to boost our metabolism as we grow older. For slim people, I recommend Lifting heavy weights; a full body, heavy weight training routine 3-5 days a week.

Ibiene: Let’s talk about postpartum body. Women struggle a lot with that. What would you recommend for women in that stage of life?

Rosaline: Our bodies undergo many changes during pregnancy and postpartum and we struggle to get back our pre-pregnancy bodies regardless if we went through vaginal or cesarean delivery.
There are PrePartum and postpartum exercises women can do. I recommend simple movements with light and minimal equipment that help rebuild core strength. A simple workout designed to support the ultimate well-being, health, and happiness of the new mother. Listen to the body, take breaks, and modify as necessary. Take days off as needed. I recommend doing these Postpartum workouts for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 3 months before moving on to another program.

Ibiene: Is there anything like too much exercise?

Rosaline: There is currently no real limit set for the maximum to show how much exercise is too much. There is however, a point at which working out too much starts harming rather than helping your health. The body needs active recovery. The muscles need to rest.

Ibiene: What is your coping mechanism post lockdown?

Rosaline: Apart from enjoying every moment with my family, I have found my place of escape in my daily workout programs, my expanding online health and wellness business and most especially the people that have trusted me with their fitness goals. These have made coping with the lockdown so much easier…. might I even add; so much fun. Having something active and fun to do daily, having people who depend on me for motivation, accountability and encouragement to transform them to a healthier lifestyle. Coaching them and watching them loose weight, burn tummy fat, tone, trim, build abs, and ultimately achieve their fitness goals, is the absolute best feeling!

Rosaline and her daughter

Ibiene: Your daughter seems to have developed a passion for fitness just like you. How does that make you feel and how can parents help children go through weight loss or stay fit?

Rosaline: My daughter is training to be a professional gymnast and to be honest she’s the one that keeps me on my toes. She’s planning to start her own fitness program designed to help children who are obese and living unhealthy. This makes me so proud of her and this is my WHY. My family is the reason I do this; to keep us all fit and healthy for the long term. Parents should live fit and healthy lives and lead by example.

Rosaline and her daughter working out

Get your children involved in fun active programs, let them exercise with you, introduce healthy cooked meals and healthy snacks so they get used it at a young age and wouldn’t need to struggle with weight loss in future. My whole family is on this journey with me. My son is an athlete and training to be a professional soccer player. My husband is also a fitness coach and we workout together daily. My family is my WHY.

Do you have any fitness weight loss questions for Rosaline? Please share in the comment section.

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