Ibiene Brand Spotlight on Pamela Bello of BNatural Spa

Pamela Bello (PB) is the owner of BNatural spa with a background in Aesthetic Dermatology, the doctor of skin beauty. The BNatural spa has been in operation for over 15 years while the medical aspect of the spa has been running for 7 years.

We had a sit down with her to understand what it’s like to run and manage BNatural, a spa that is considered the biggest in Nigeria.

BNatural Spa

Ibiene: How was the terrain when you first began?

PB : We started in Abuja at a time when people were asking what a spa was.  Although Hausa women had for younker years been the authority on skin care in Nigeria, there was still a lot of confusion about what a spa was about. We had to educate people on the wellness and relaxation that a spa gives.

Ibiene: So far, there have been a lot of spas and things have been a bit over flogged. What do you think one should look out for at a real spa?

PB: The Egyptians and The Turks were the real purveyors of the spa culture where they would create a fever to eradicate illnesses. Before you call a place a spa, there should be elements of water, life and stone. It should be more than beauty, It should be a place of zen; a place of peace and tranquility, with an ambience and the therapist must have certain basic training. In Nigeria, a lot of spas haven’t got there yet. There is a bastardization of the act, no minimum requirement, no study, no benchmark and no monitoring. All these factors mitigate against this industry.

BNatural Spa

Ibiene: So, what’s fad and what’s real?

PB: One thing for sure, is that the professionals are the ones who would remain after the spa fad passes. Clients will begin to ask questions and request for very specific offers that unqualified spa businesses will not be able to offer.

Ibiene: What should people look out for?

PB: People should be aware about the qualifications that a spa technician should have. They should be very careful about the health risks of going to unqualified spa businesses.

Ibiene: Stepping away from the technical side of things, what has been the best part of having and running BNatural?

PB: Well, knowing that we are a playing a role in raising the standard of the spa business in Nigeria. We are the ones that other spas have to beat, knowing that we always provide solutions for people and watching the spa grow from one branch to the other has been extremely rewarding. We are completely referral based and that says a lot about satisfied customers.

Ibiene: What do people say when they realise that you own BNatural?

PB: (Laughs) It is always all kind of funny reactions. They get curious about my age and start to subtly ask questions about skin problems and expect me to provide solutions on the spot. This is why I always aim to depersonalize the brand and ensure the strictest form of professionalism. The aim is to build an institution that serves as the standard for excellence.

Ibiene: Do you plan to open a beauty school?

PB: Yes. In fact we are almost ready to open one, The Spectrum Beauty Academy and it is currently being reviewed by the topmost beauty technicians in the world for certification.

  • You can find BNatural Spa in Lagos on Oduduwa Way, GRA Ikeja and in V.I at
    14 Abagbon Close, off Ologun Agbaje Street, off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos
  • You can also find BNatural Spa in Abuja at Mediteranean Street, Imani Estate, Maitama, Abuja FCT
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