How to manage work and life stress during difficult times….

There are two kinds of people during difficult times; those who can’t cope with the chaos and think everything is an ordeal and then those who seem to go with the flow and manage their perspectives, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

People can experience the exact same event and react in absolutely different manner.

Why is that?

The difference is that some people have developed the ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and then adapt and cope with difficult or unexpected conditions.

What we’re living through at the moment is very stressful for almost everyone and most people are not prepared for this. But can something good come out of this stressful situation? Can people develop the ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and strengthen their ability to thrive under pressure?

Absolutely yes!

Here are some tips on how to manage stress in this trying times;

Acknowledge and feel your feelings.
Avoiding your negative emotion may feel like an effective stopgap measure, but in fact it simply worsens your perspective of the situation. The only way to truly be free is to pause and face your emotions. You’re human. It is only normal.

Talk or write about it:

Writing down thoughts

When people bottle up challenging situations, the problems grow and mutate into worries and anxieties. Talking about your troubles, however, helps you better understand your own fears and get valuable feedback from others, who have probably experienced similar levels of distress and can give you the perspective you need. Also writing about it can actually make you feel better because writing organizes your thoughts, which makes the experience feel less chaotic. Writing also can offer you an emotional release, insight into yourself and the feeling that you can file the problem away.

Practice acceptance:

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Let go of that which you cannot control. To start, make a list of everything you don’t have control over. These are the things you can stop worrying about. Then, focus on what you can control, like your self-care, your words, your actions and your decisions.

Create smart habits that can make stress work for you:

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Rituals, routines, habits are key to maintaining a sane mind. They influence how we see the world. When they are disrupted, it becomes harder to cope with the many things you have to control especially in a confined space. In uncertain times, when your routine is thrown out of the window, you still have to make decisions about how to live quickly make the simple decisions first and begin to adapt. Quit worrying about the huge ones as some of them are out of your control.

Plan quality time to connect with friends and family:

A family having a meal

Do this especially with those that can provide a strong support system. Being with people who understand you the most; at this point in time is a necessity. If you’re far from each other and can’t meet because of travel restrictions, virtual connection as often as possible would do.

Relax! You can’t save the world by yourself:

Relaxing at the beach

How do you relax and recharge? No matter your environment, add leisure activities to your daily routine to help you relax. Try minimal exercise. It’s recognised as one of the most rewarding stress relievers.

Add some music to your day:

silhouette of a man with headphones

It doesn’t matter what type of music as much as you enjoy it. Music can calm your nerves.  When you feel better, you’ll perform better.

Do something that makes you happy:

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By doing one small thing each day, you can create something much larger that helps you to overcome stress. Ensure that what you do to reward yourself is meaningful and healthy. Alcohol or drugs never get the job done.

Shift Your Thinking:

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The way you think about a problem affects both how much it upsets you and how well you handle it. As difficult as it seems, it pays to shift your mind away from negative thoughts or excessive worries.

Learn! So history does not repeat itself:

Learn designed with wood

Look at tough times as an opportunity to learn something new, grow or improve your situation. It will be an entire waste of time if you don’t learn something new.

Some situations are inevitable in life. It is what you do at that moment that can lessen the risk to your health and materially improve your productivity and performance. Making stress work for you may take some time to develop but it is important to keep looking for ways that will help you manage life’s inevitable ups and downs in a healthy way.

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