How to gain weight the healthy way….

Gaining weight can be as challenging for some people as losing weight is for others. Whatever, side you’re on, switching doesn’t have to be harmful.  Try these seven tips for healthy weight gain and building muscle mass.

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Believe it or not, weight gain is just as hard for some people as weight loss is for others. Depending on how underweight you are, it could be just as unhealthy as being overweight. A poor diet can lead to health complications, whether you’re thin or fat.

If you need to gain a healthy weight, overeating, especially empty-calorie foods, isn’t the answer. Doing it the right way is the right way.

First, make sure you’re underweight:

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Your body mass index (BMI) is a measure of your body fat. It uses your weight, height, and age to give you a healthy range. In general, if your BMI is less than 18.5, you’re underweight. Talk with your doctor about what your weight should be and how you can safely reach your goals.

Choose the right healthy foods:

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Not all fruits and vegetables are low in calories. Take dense fruits like mangoes or avocadoes, for example, or starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn. And fatty fish, like salmon, is a great way to get healthy protein into your diet.

Eat frequently: 

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One of the first steps toward healthy weight gain is eating every three hours. This is because if you go for too long without eating, you metabolism starts to slow down, which is unhealthy as well. When you eat every couple of hours, you’ll eat more calories and prevent your body from losing lean body mass.

Drink your calories:

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Instead of beverages like diet sodas, coffee, and tea, reach for milk, juice, or a smoothie with full-fat dairy and fresh fruit or vegetables. They’ll give you calories and nutrition those other drinks don’t have.

Eat at bedtime:

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Have a healthy snack or late dinner. At nighttime, our bodies are really active. Our cells are regenerating and repairing and healing. By eating later or having a snack before bedtime, you’re allowing your body to draw from your days’ worth of calories.

Be active:

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Resistance training is how to gain muscle as it builds muscle tissue that helps ensure healthy weight gain. You should do resistance training at least two to three days a week. Be certain to do at least one to two strength training exercises per muscle group. Even as you try to gain weight, don’t neglect cardiovascular exercise like jogging, bicycling, or swimming because the heart is a muscle that needs to be worked out, too. Should you be successful in your goal, you’ll have more muscle to which your heart needs to circulate oxygen and nutrients.

Go protein-crazy:

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You should eat 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, which is equal to about 94 grams for a 125-pound person. Make sure to have some form of protein at every meal. Healthy, protein-rich foods that will help you gain weight include low-fat dairy, lean meats, and nuts or seeds. Protein is most easily converted into lean muscle mass. It is essential to gain muscle mass.

Gaining weight can be a challenge. So, if you focus on building lean muscle mass instead of fat, you can gain weight in a healthy way.

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