Brand Spotlight with Dr Dami Familoni of Healthy Life Starts Pain and Wellness Center

Dr Dami Familoni is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and nutritionist specializing in family medicine and chronic diseases. On a first visit with Dr Familoni, she takes time to get to know your story in order to uncover the underlying cause of your condition. Dr Familoni combines the wisdom of nature with the rigours of modern science by keeping herself up-to-date on the latest scientific research and incorporating this evidence into her treatments.

What you do not know about Dr Dami is that she also loves to swim, cook and bake for her friends and family.

Ibiene: Tell us how you even have time for your hobbies

Dr Dami: Surprisingly, I usually make time to spend cooking and baking because I LOVE to feed people!

Ibiene: What made you decide to go into natural medicine?

Dr Dami: It was all about how I grew up. My mum was always so quick to give bitterleaf to us children when we were coming down with something. She loved gardening and had animals too. She would plant all sorts of herbs at the backyard and this helped us a lot. I mean, I hardly ever went to the hospital and was hardly ever ill because we always ate fresh produce, had cod liver oil, blood tonic and were de-wormed at intervals.

I wanted to become a doctor because I loved caring for people and so, when we went to America, I just naturally gravitated towards it.

I had wanted to either be a paediatric doctor or osthopathic doctor but after shadowing some doctors at some hospitals, I found that I didn’t like crying children and working with bones was boring so I pursued a career in public health instead.

While working with hospitals, I was so interested in making sure people got better for life and this made me think deeply about natural herbs and alternative medicine.

Ibiene: How has it been so far in a place like Nigeria?

Dr Dami: Actually, it has been pretty good. People are educated enough to understand the risks and are interested in working with qualified practitioners. People are actually more open than I thought they would be.

Ibiene: What is your usual approach when you want to help fight an illness?

Dr Dami: Well, our approach is “all illnesses are basically from the same origin. We help to reduce inflammations, restore the body back by replacing the deficiencies and we detox the body.

We use a blood type diet to restore the body and it has been working so far!

The body isn’t meant to live in an environment as industrialized as the one we are in right now and this is where detoxing comes in. After detoxing, we encourage our patients to take magnesium, B-Complexes and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Ibiene: Have you found this approach to lengthen life?

Dr Dami: Yes indeed. One needs a cumulation of detoxifying for a long period of time to lengthen life. We detox against smoked food and genetic problems. Incorporating a lot of bitter food and vitamin c in your diet to boost the body’s performances.

Ibiene: How do other Doctors find what you are doing?

Dr Dami: Well, I’m not trying to go against what Doctors are saying and how they approach illnesses and I endeavor to work closely with them.

You can find Dr Dami on “Practical Tips for healthy living “ on Smooth 98.1fm

Healthy Life Starts is located at 18 Da-Silva St, Lekki Phase 1, Nigeria 

You can contact Healthy Life Starts with telephone number 0809 320 6527


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