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The transformational power of make-up cannot be debated. From making that woman with a skin condition feel awesome about herself when she looks into the mirror to giving another that powered up look when she steps into the boardroom for a meeting filled with men, little wonder the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar one. Asides that, it provides employment opportunities for the artists to unleash their creativity.
Ibiene singled out one of these people who not only makes women feel good but also empowers others to do the same. Her name is Tessa Rideau.

Tessa Rideau

Tessa Rideau began her makeup career with the pure desire to make women beautiful and enhance the natural beauty of all women. Her passion has taken her through television and film industry. She has worked with the who is who in the fashion industry- with designers like Carolina Herrera, Prada, Desigual, Edun, Rachel Zoe, and Maiyet. Her work has appeared in high fashion editorials including Vogue Italia.
She has continued using the years of knowledge she had gained in her makeup career to continue developing Artists through her brainchild, Artistry Rebirth. Tessa is happily engaged and has a daughter.

With that brief introduction, the conversation gets deeper.

Ibiene: From a background in Biology and Chemistry to beauty. What prompted the shift?

Tessa: I’ve always had a love for skin. Even during my time in undergrad, I knew I wanted to eventually go into dermatology as a full time profession. I was always fascinated by the molecular makeup of the body and how it related to beauty. Chemistry, now that was a completely different story. I was already taking so many classes in my Biology studies that crossed with Chemistry I figured why not just work on two degrees at the same time? I would finish within the same year and two degrees always looked better than one on a resume. I was always considered the “smart” girl and was groomed to become “someone successful“; however, I never found joy or fulfillment trying to live up to that expectation. I soon decided to start pursuing my own fulfillment and fell in love with the art of makeup. After one competition experience, I knew I had found my true passion.

A make up brush strokung another with powder

Ibiene: How did the idea of Artistry Rebirth happen?

Tessa: After working in the makeup industry in a corporate executive level for 8+ years, I realized that there was a huge shift that occurred in the makeup world. I was starting to see so much newness in the style of makeup that was less about the art of makeup and more about the popularity of it. The makeup industry was less friendly and inviting and more about competition. Coming from an era where makeup was more about Art, passion, and comradery; I still wanted to be able to give back all of my knowledge to the makeup community. At the end of my career with MAC Cosmetics, I believed it was the perfect time to act on my aspirations of creating Artistry Rebirth.

Ibiene: Take us a bit through your beauty routine.

Tessa: Well I definitely believe that every beautiful canvas starts with healthy beautiful skin so always skincare first. I then create a flawless foundation look by applying my foundation and concealer. I then like to highlight my skin naturally with cream highlighters for a glow that comes from within the skin. After, I lightly set my foundation with powder. I add blush for colour on the cheeks and usually use about four coats of mascara to give my eyes definition. Red and pink lips are my signature colours so I normally finish off with one of those (depending on my mood and the season) for a fresh and clean makeup look.

A lady putting on facial mask

Ibiene: What would you say are the three most important facial skin care item every woman should have?

Tessa: Every woman should have a good face mask, cleanser, and moisturizer.

Ibiene: What about the top two makeup mistakes women make?

Tessa: In my opinion, the top two makeup mistakes women make are picking the wrong foundation colour and picking the wrong nude lip colour.

Nude picks for different skin colour shades

Ibiene: Let’s talk about DIYs. One of the most searched for keyword on YouTube is Makeup. What is your guide for finding the right DIY for makeup?

Tessa: I love DIYs! They keep my creative juices flowing and allow me to find gratification in something other than makeup. When I am looking for the perfect DIY, I normally first find an inspirational piece on Pinterest and then research how to recreate the piece on YouTube.

Ibiene: You’ve worked with celebrities and VIPs. What has been the most challenging job you’ve done?

Tessa: Well I’m not really one to name drop but a few years ago I was assigned to a 3-day body painting event that lasted 74 hours long! It was hot and the facility was not in the best conditions because of the budget. We never left set and painted the entire time. I have never felt more exhilarated and exhausted at the same time in my life! Great experience nonetheless.

Ibiene: How can young makeup artists grow in their profession?

Tessa: I am a firm believer in mentorship. All of the training and knowledge I have received over the years have come from various different sources or people who saw something in me that was worth cultivating. I believe young artists should always be open to feedback, always look for an opportunity to cross network or cross-train with other makeup professionals and remember that if the passion is there, the money will follow.

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