A-thousand-year-old hair practice by Chadians….

The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful and a beautiful woman unforgettable.” – Sophia Loren.

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From rice water to eggs and avocado, women all over the world who care about how good they look, have all seen and received countless amounts of advice when hair matters crop up. No thanks to YouTube influencers with waist-long hair and thick heads full of hair. There seem to now be conflicting opinions on what women should all do with their hair.

The barrages of information can be overwhelming but with a deeper search, IBIENE has one failproof thousand-year-old secret that the women of Chad have and are still practicing.

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For centuries, Chadian women have used chebe powder to reduce shedding and hair breakage and it has worked like a charm, and this is a major reason why they are known for their long and healthy hair. 

What is inside the Chebe powder?

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A licensed hair expert and cosmetologist revealed that Chebe is an ancient herbal formulation curated specially to promote hair growth and prevent breakage. Contrary to unpopular belief, chebe is not a magic potion mixed in a cauldron. It is a hydrating hair product made from cherry seeds, resin tree sap, lavender, stones, and cloves. Drying and mixing these promote length retention and hydration, and this in turn increases the chances of hair growth. 

Chebe protects:

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Hair growth happens with time and patience. An average person grows six inches of hair in a year and a great amount of this is lost to poor management. Chebe powder acts as a barrier between the hair and all the things that could cause hair retention to lessen. 

It favours thicker hair:

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While Chebe is a lovely solution for people with thicker hair types such as 3C to 4C, it might not be the best solution for people with thinner hair types as they are more prone to break off under the weight of the powder as it is mixed into a paste using coconut oil and small amounts of water before being applied to the scalp. This ancient hair growth ritual is performed once or twice a week by Chadian women themselves, they often make it into a paste by applying water and oil before working the paste into their hair and braiding it to seal the moisture in. 

It helps to retain moisture:

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Chebe powder on its own will not promote hair growth, it does, however, help the hair to retain moisture and ultimately strengthens the roots and shaft of the hair. Natural chebe powder will be dark brown before it is mixed with oil and water. Make sure that the paste never dries out once it’s in your hair because this can make it difficult to rinse out and cause breakage.

Above all, understanding your hair type, a healthy lifestyle, consistency, and patience will always yield the best results. It is also important to watch out for fakes and dupes.

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