Weekend Hacks For Your Living Room You Should Try

Decorating can be overwhelming sometimes. We want our homes to look great, but it can be tough — and expensive!

So if you’re in need of a quick and easy fix for a design problem in your living room, give one of these design hacks a try.

Applied Molding Instead of Wainscoting:

Nothing adds a high-end look to a room as cheaply and quickly as applied molding. If you’re not lucky enough to have real wainscoting try adding some molding to the walls. It’s unbelievable the difference it makes, albeit subtly. If you’re not very handy you may need to hire someone to do it, but what you get in return makes it worth the cost. And if putting it all over the walls is too much for you, at the very least put up some crown moulding.

Create Faux-Molding with tape:

If applied molding seems like too big of a job you can also do the lazy man’s version, which is to create the look of molding by using paint and tape. Create a design on the wall using painters tape (like the X design in the photo) and then paint over the entire wall. Once it’s dry remove the tape and you’ll have created a pattern in the original wall color. Just make sure that original color works with the one you’re painting!

Use removable wallpaper:

Removable wallpaper is a great option for those who are afraid of commitment or those who are renting and can’t put up the real thing. Most major manufacturers as well as specialty companies have a line of removable papers and when it’s up you’ll never know the difference. You can also have fun with it by putting it on other pieces of furniture such as tabletops, or even on an ugly appliance if you can’t afford a new one. Don’t be afraid to get creative. If you don’t like it, it will peel right off.

Make your ceiling look higher with half painted walls:

We all know that white ceilings supposedly make rooms look taller, but if you want to increase the imagined height paint the top quarter of the wall white as well (often referred to as the half-painted wall, even though it’s not technically half). It will give the room a more spacious and airy feeling.

Create the look of built-ins:
Make your plain bookcases look like custom built-ins by adding crown molding to the top. And if you’re really feeling ambitious you can add molding to the bottom and sides as well.

Fabric covered roller blinds:
Rollers blinds aren’t known for being very pretty, but since they’re cheap and practical people still tend to use them. Try dressing yours up by using a pretty fabric. You can also do it the lazy man’s way and use a spray adhesive. Just be sure to sew the ends so the fabric doesn’t fall off over time.

What other decor hacks would you like to read about?

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