Things You Should Do When Purchasing Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When buying reclaimed wood furniture, it’s important to respect the unique origins, character and characteristics of natural woods. From the raw beauty of European white oak to driftwood pieces collected from the shores of Indonesia to stunning Brazilian peroba wood, each piece is one-of-a-kind and rich with history from around the world.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a style to be treasured—and here are a few things you should know when purchasing your reclaimed wood items.

Character is developed over time.

Old wood most likely grew in a natural environment where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, which makes it quite strong and durable. Reclaimed wood furniture has an age and character that cannot be mimicked. When the furniture is placed in a shared space in your home, the furniture itself will be a conversation topic and fun history lesson. Or try using reclaimed wood furniture in your bedroom, where you can appreciate the beauty of the pieces outside the hustle and bustle of your shared family areas.

History makes for great stories.

Age brings out the rich colors in reclaimed wood, so if you notice hints of dark red, rustic brown, deep yellow, moody black or smooth cream, you’ll know the wood has a strong history. Do some research to determine the background of the piece and where the wood originated. You never know: These fun facts might save you from a lull in chatter at a future dinner party.

Old and new are a great match.

If you have a more modern home, don’t be nervous to try reclaimed wood furniture in your furnishings and decor. In fact, it shows you are design smart if you can make reclaimed wood look at home in a contemporary setting. Play with the contrast between sleek dining tables, simple and sophisticated beds and clean-lined casegoods interspersed among rustic reclaimed pieces that bring texture and warmth to a living area. As we mentioned earlier, a high-traffic entryway is also a great place for a durable piece of reclaimed wood furniture.

Beauty is in the differences.

No two pieces of reclaimed wood are alike, which is what makes reclaimed wood furniture so special. Before purchasing, it’s best to have an appreciation for the differences and characteristics that make each piece unique. Things like wood grains, knots, small patches, paint remnants, pitting, small nail holes and mineral deposits are characteristics that really set the pieces apart. Any variance that adds interest to the piece can be considered a plus.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a beautiful, unique and historic way to enhance the beauty of your home and show off your personal taste. While there is plenty to think about before buying your pieces, all the time spent researching will pale in comparison to how much you love the look of reclaimed wood furniture in your family’s home.

Do you use reclaimed wood? What do you enjoy most about it?

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