Ibiene Brand Spotlight With Loid Noble

With an initial degree in Law, armed with a PGD in Structural Engineering, she took the challenge and got a Diploma in Interior Design, it thus comes as no surprise to see Nike Onifade, Managing Director of Loid Noble taking such great strides in Interior Design and space management.

Nike found her passion and went into a partnership commented to creating and perfecting classic spaces with mid-century furniture. Her love for wood, mid-century designs, vintage and charity shops takes center stage in every space she touches.

Loid Noble

Haven moved back to Nigeria to set up shop, Loid Noble doesn’t just create custom pieces; but also works with home owners to bring the best out of their space. We caught up with Nike while on a job to get to know Loid Noble and her better.

Ibiene: What motivates you as an interior designer?

Nike: Wood! Wood is our motivating factor. How to use it, how to manage it, how to make it look its best. Wood is so versatile that it is always easy to redesign and tweak to fit any space and any style. It is not seasonal nor does it follow any particular trend. It also ages well and that is great for creating an item/experience that stands the trend of time.

Ibiene: What are you most excited about?

Nike: To successfully introduce a different style to home furnishing in Nigeria. To help more home owners and furniture makers have a more open minded mindset to a different look. I mean, wood which is indedignious to Nigeria goes along way to cost in terms of reducing the overhead element of importing the heavy material. It also enables you cure the wood from scratch thus giving one more room to play with it for homes and spaces.

Loid Noble

Ibiene: Do you have any key people who have influenced you and your style?

Nike: I am very influenced by Anne Sloan who works well with wood and intact helped put chalk paint on the map. I read her books and watch her tutorials for inspiration, Dan Jacobs, the owner of Pottery Barn and Sarah Beenie of Property Ladder are also huge influences on me.

Ibiene: What are the lessons you would give a potential colleague embarking on the Interior Design journey?

Nike: Have a lot of patience with clients and always make sure you develop and stick to a strict payment structure. Creating trust with your clients is important so make sure to create timelines, manage the time, cost and expectations well.

Loid Noble

Ibiene: What’s next for you in your work?

Nike: To create a world filled with beautiful wood finish!

Loid Noble

Loid Noble

Loid Noble Loid Noble

Loid Noble

You can always find Loid Noble on Instagram @loid_noble

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