How to Create Calm and Order in Your Home Using Elements of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an artform based on a series of guidelines derived from ancient Eastern philosophies that is designed to create a sense of balance and harmony in the home which therefore creates a sense of balance and harmony within oneself. The thought being that if one’s home is healthy, then the individual can be healthy. When  this perfect balance is achieved in the home a positive energy is therefore created. There are many factors in a home that can block this positive energy, the most important perhaps, is organisation.

Walk around your home freely. Do you stumble on furniture or rugs? Do you have a hard time opening doors? Air should flow around everything in your home. Move furniture away from walls, even if just a couple of inches. Pull furniture pieces together to create an area where air can flow around. Use your windows. Natural light is very important and brings with it tremendous energy.

Windows should never be blocked. In the practice of Feng Shui mirrors are often used to reflect this energy into other areas of the home, but you do not want to bounce the energy back out doors. Mirrors are called the aspirin of Feng shui and with proper placement, they can dramatically shift the flow of energy in any given space. Mirrors also bring a sense of refreshment and calm.

 Aroma therapy is another calming Feng shui practice. The daily use of essential oils will help purify, relax, energise and also create a very sensual ambience. Art is also extremely important in Feng shui and is thought to improve the energy of both home and office. Make sure the art you select fits the needs of the room.

A bedroom or bathroom, for example, should have artwork that is sensual and soothing – watercolors of photographs of nature. Family rooms and offices fare better with art that energizes; filled with bright and vibrant colors and images. The tone of the art must fit the tone of the room. Candles support the fire element and are a must for every home. You may want to consider a small fountain for your home. The fountain supports that water element, with the soothing water energy thus creating a most tranquil and peaceful energy.

Bamboo is a very important Feng shui element. It’s not only beautiful, offering up the earth element, but is considered to be a symbol of good luck. The plant is easy to take care of and is thought to teach the ultimate wisdom – how to be both flexible and hollow  as to allow the spirit to flow freely and heal your being.


Using the colours of Feng Shui to achieve order and balance:

Red is the color of passion, courage and romance and represents the Fire element.Vibrant red color brings into your home the energy of joy, excitement and stimulates sexual desire. Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness, the marriage color in India, and the symbolic color of love and romance, courage and passion in the West. 

The feng shui color yellow represents sunshine, and happiness. It is cheerful and uplifting and brightens any home or office. Feng shui yellow in your kitchen creates energy. In living room and children’s rooms can create a coziness. From bright sunflower, to pale buttery yellow color tones, there are many shades from which to choose.

Blue  represents calm, peace and tranquility. It also represents the water element. It’s a magnificent feng shui color – with many hues and tones from the palest to the deepest, this Feng shui-wise, color blue is excellent for use in all areas of your home.

 Green represents growth, health, vibrancy. It is also the color of the Wood element. It’s nourishing to your health – mind, body and soul –  as it balances the whole body by bringing healing feng shui vibrations from nature. When bringing this color into your home, it is best to incorporate several different shades in order to maximize the feng shui energy effects.

Orange is social, optimistic and open. It is another color belonging to the fire element and perfect for those areas when red is a bit too intense for the home. Orange creates the necessary feng shui energy to promote lively conversations and good times in your house. Orange color reminds us of summertime dreams and  warm glow of log fires.

Purple is royal, mysterious and noble – also belonging to the fire element. Feng shui masters advise using color purple in moderation. As purple color is a very high vibration color, it might be best to bring it into your home with various decor elements – from pillows to art – rather than wall color.  The best feng shui spaces where you can freely use the intensity of color purple are a healing room or a meditation space.

Pink is the universal color of love. It is gentle, soothing and loving, also belonging to the fire element. Pink is a perfect feng shui color to soften the energy in any given space. Its gentle and delicate feng shui vibrations have a proven soothing effect on one’s behavior. While the beauty of this color is in the eye of the beholder, it’s one that suits any room in your home.

Gray scales represents clarity, detachment and neutrality. It represents the Metal element.  While it can be considered as a boring colour, it is also highly sophisticated and upscale. Gray brings forth beautiful feng shui energy to any space.


How are you going to Feng shui your home? Do you think you need it? 

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