Herbert Wigwe: A Journey of Passion, Impact, and Legacy…

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, on August 15, 1966, Herbert Wigwe embarked on a remarkable journey fueled by a passion for finance. He meticulously built his academic foundation, earning an Accountancy degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and later an MBA from the University of Lagos. This equipped him for the exceptional career that lay ahead.

Climbing the Ladder: A Life of Achievement:

Equipped with both knowledge and ambition, Wigwe ascended the corporate ladder with precision. He started at Coopers & Lybrand and Guaranty Trust Bank before joining Access Bank as Deputy Managing Director in 2002. His dedication and skills led him to become the Group Managing Director and CEO in 2014, guiding the bank towards significant growth and transformation.

Beyond the Boardroom: A Leader with a Vision:

Wigwe’s leadership wasn’t defined solely by professional achievements. He was deeply committed to people empowerment and national development. He championed initiatives for financial inclusion and literacy, extending his vision beyond profit margins to create a more inclusive financial landscape for countless lives.

A Heart of Service: Giving Back to the Community:

Wigwe’s dedication extended far beyond the boardroom. He was a strong advocate for social responsibility, actively contributing to initiatives addressing critical issues like education and healthcare. He established the Herbert Onyewumbu Wigwe (HOW) Foundation in 2016, focusing on youth empowerment, tackling malaria and prostate cancer. His vision for education extended further with the $500 million Wigwe University, planned to open in September 2024 in his hometown of Isiokpo, Nigeria.

A Legacy that Endures: Inspiration Beyond Success:

Herbert Wigwe’s life and work serve as a powerful beacon of inspiration, one that transcends personal success. His legacy, defined by dedication, perseverance, and a genuine desire to serve, not only paved the way for individual achievements but also contributed significantly to the betterment of the world around him.

The Lover Of All Things Art:

Beyond his success in the financial realm, Herbert, was also a passionate lover and collector of art.

His collection wasn’t just an aesthetic pursuit. Wigwe saw these timeless pieces, both local and international, as more than just cultural treasures. He believed they served as his muse, rekindling inspiration when needed, and shaping his perspective on the world. Each piece held a significance beyond its monetary value, offering a unique lens through which he viewed the world.

This dedication extended beyond his personal collection. Wigwe was recognized as a pillar in the African art space, fostering a love for the arts and promoting artistic expression on the continent. His legacy extends beyond the world of finance, leaving a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Africa.

Reflecting on His Impact:

As we remember Herbert Wigwe, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the impact he had on our lives.

We must also remember the pillars that made him stand strong his family and circle of close friends and remember to be kind to eachother.

The late Herbert Wigwe and Dr. Ibiene Ogolo – Editor-in-Chief, Ibiene Magazine

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